92/87 New Elephant Road Sunrise
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15, MTB Tower Armanian Street Dhaka, Bangladesh 11000
103’ SCC Road Armani Tola Dhaka, Bangladesh 1000

Burimari, Sreerampur, Bangladesh 5542

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15,MTB Tower Armanian Street
103’ SCC Road Armani Tola

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How we ensure the best price
in Market

  • Cost Reduction.
  • Quality.
  • The Best & Fast Services.

Dear purchase. we have warehouses in many different places around Dhaka, CTG, & many other areas, which are best fitted for transportation near industrial areas.
We also own our own vehicles.

We store local brand items, from renowned companies in a gigantic amount so we get a great price benefits, same in terms of imports.

After the pandemic, we have all faced this issue of extreme fluctuation of prices,
but we don’t need to change our prices, as we playing a role of self-storage.
We don’t need to trade with the market prices.

We have an excellent return policy, if any sort of technical or damaged issue is spotted. we will be fully responsible & return the goods or replace with returning the payment instantly the way our client would prefer.

May be you need a supply in a holiday, midnight, weekends, no time for quotations nor payment. just a call would make your headache go away.

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