Denim Wash chemicals

Denim Wash & Dyeing chemicals

Bangladesh dominates the global denim market with its sustained position as top supplier to two major export destinations–the United States and the European Union-on high annualised growth.
Bangladesh has been the top supplier of denim goods to its single-largest destination – the US – since 2020. The exporters hope the country’s position in North America would remain unchanged in 2022 – for a third consecutive year now.

Ingredients for Denim..

  • Anti back Stain Pocket Cleaning Agent
  • Bleaching Fader
  • Buffer Removal of Oil
  • Catanizer Pigment Exhaust Process
  • Caustic Soda Cleaning Agent
  • Color Fixing Agent Imporve Color Fastner, Unfix Dyes
  • De Sizing Enzyme De Grading
  • Detergent Bath & Wash
  • Enzyme Acid washing, Polishing, Stone-free
  • H2O2 Oxidizer, Sulfur Process, Neutralizer
  • OBA Enhance Whitener
  • Phosphoric Acid Color Discharger, PP Activator
  • Potassium Permangante PP Effect, Oxidizer
  • Resin Hardener
  • Silicone Hand Feel
  • Soda Ash Light Cleaning Agent
  • Sodium Bi Carbonate color out within short time
  • Sodium HypoSulfite Chlorine Bleaching
  • Sodium Meta Bisulfate Blue Shader, Neutralizer
  • Sodium Sulfate Anhyrous Adsorbs Negative Charges, Dyeing process
  • Softener Sofetening Agnet

The growth is value-led, as unit prices have increased due to high prices of raw materials. Besides, the buyers held back a number of orders in March and April, which the producers started receiving in recent months.

Over the past few decades, different denim washing techniques have been developed and used on different materials to create a large variety of designs for trendy denim garments and jeans. Special colour effects and washed/vintage looks are often achieved in denim garments. The hand feel of the washed goods is relatively superior, which makes them suitable for leisurewear. These effects are difficult to achieve through other processing techniques.

Denim fabrics makers can use up to 70 per cent of their production capacity, while the percentage is 70-80 for denim garment makers.

Creative approach to every project

  • Pre-treatment (Desizing, Rinsing, Scouring)
  • Enzyme or Stone wash
  • Cleanup to adjust the desire effect.
  • Bleaching
  • Tinting / Dyeing
  • Softening & Much more…..

Worldwide denim product demand created the opportunity for the denim sector in

Bangladesh. Here we will try to show what is the Current Scenario of Denim Market of Bangladesh and SWOT analysis and how our business opportunity is growing. According to managing director of Denim expert ltd.
Currently Bangladesh has 31 denim mills with a capacity of 435 million yards of fabric a year.

Bangladesh denim products beat European markets, the United States by occupying a lion’s share of denim. Bangladesh is one of the largest manufacturing and exporting countries of denim products in Europe with a 27% market share. With 14.20% market share.

Bangladesh is the 3rd largest exporter of denim products in the US after Mexico and China.

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