Dyeing Chemicals

Dyeing Chemicals for Textiles.

Dyeing is the application of color to a textile material with some degree of fastness or
permanence. The materials which impart the color are known as colorants. When
these colorants have a natural affinity and permanence on textiles, they are referred to
as dyes. Dyes actually migrate or diffuse into the chemical molecular structure of textile
fibers in order to develop the final color of the textile product.

Color is an extremely important aspect of modern textiles. The color of a textile product
is a major factor in the marketing and use of that product. The color of textiles can be
used to differentiate groups of people such as uniforms used for athletic teams, hospital
personnel or military organizations. Color can also be functional such as camouflage or
protective uniforms. However, in the modern retail store, the color of textile products is a
major contributor to what is referred to as fashion. The color is very important with
apparel, carpet, upholstery, curtains, drapes, sheets and towels. All of the items are
marketed with an emphasis on their specific color.

Ingredients & Their Purposes?

The primary objective of dyeing is to apply uniform color to the substrate (fiber, yarn, or fabric) with required color fastness.
Tie-dye and printing are the methods where the color is applied in a localized manner.

  • Acetic Acid 30 Kg Jar Korea solubilizing agent
  • Bleaching 50 Kg Drum India removing inherent
  • Caustic Soda 50 Kg Bag Bangladesh mercerizing
  • Common Salt 50 Kg Bag Bangladesh accelerate absorption
  • Formic Acid 30 Kg Jar Germany Neutralization of the pH
  • Green Acid 60 Kg Drum Bangladesh pH controlling
  • Hydrochloric Acid 30 Kg Jar Bangladesh improves the ability of azo dyes
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 30 Kg Jar Bangladesh oxidizing agent
  • Phosphoric Acid 30 Kg Jar China leveling agents
  • Potassium Permanganate 50 Kg Drum Chan violet purple color
  • Soda Ash Light 50 Kg Bag China brighter and more colorfast results
  • Sodium Hydrosulfate 25 Kg Bag China universal reducing agent
  • Sodium Hypo Chloride 30 Kg Jar India Bleaching agent.
  • Sodium Meta Bi sulphate 25 Kg Bag China neutralize regular bleach.
  • Sodium Sulphate ( Global Salt ) 50 Kg Bag China increase substantivity
  • Starch 25 Kg Bag Thailand removal of dyes and heavy metals
  • Sulfuric Acid 30 Kg Jar Bangladesh buffering compound.


The textile and clothing industries provide a single source of growth in Bangladesh’s rapidly developing economy.

Acid Dyeing
Used mainly for dyeing Wool, Silk & nylon and Direct or Substantive dyes, which have a strong affinity for cellulose fibers.
Mordant dyes
Require the addition of chemical substances, such as salts, to give them an affinity for the material being dyed. They are applied to cellulosic fibers, wool, or silk after such materials have been treated with metal salts.
Sulfur dyes
Used to dye cellulose, are inexpensive but produce colors lacking brilliance.
Azoic dyes
Insoluble pigments formed within the fiber by padding, first with a soluble coupling compound and then with a diazotized base.
Vat dyes
Insoluble in water, are converted into soluble colorless compounds by means of alkaline sodium hydrosulfite.
Cellulose absorbs these colorless compounds, which are subsequently oxidized to an insoluble pigment. Such dyes are colorfast.
Disperse dyes
Suspensions of finely divided insoluble, organic pigments used to dye such hydrophobic fibres as polyesters, nylon, and cellulose acetates.
Reactive dyes
Combine directly with the fibre, resulting in excellent colourfastness. The first ranges of reactive dyes for cellulose fibres were introduced in the mid-1950s.
A wide variety is now available.

Exclusive items

  • Special washing agent with antiyellowing property.
  • Fixing agent and fastness improver specially for Cotton & viscose.
  • Stain agent with excellent oil and water repellency.
Flame retardants
Wrinkle free/Non Iron Finish
Bionic Finish/Teflon finsh/oil and water repellency, carbon-6 Technology
Antimicrobial finish (Silver Plus)
Moisture Managemant/Wicking finish
Easy Care finish
Antistatic finish
Wet Rub improver

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